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Selina Perez Librarian

Mission: The mission of the United ISD‘s school libraries is for its students to reflect the diversity of groups in becoming effective global learners and users of today’s information resources in its varied formats.  The Clark Elementary Library promotes literacy in all its formats creating a “student centered library media program that is based on three central ideas: collaboration, leadership, and technology”.  The library will serve its community by enabling students to achieve their potential and fully participate in society as active information users and lifelong learners. The library program will foster creativity by allowing its users to produce new information and create products and presentations that communicate ideas effectively, efficiently and ethically.  By supporting the school curriculum of United Independent School District, the Clark Elementary library will provide a thriving learning environment that stimulates the intellect through scholarly observations that spark creativity.

 Goals: The library media program will provide a framework of tbe Library’s goals needed to ensure that all UISD 21st-century learners are effective users of information. Active and dynamic users will be able to access information and literature, evaluate, and synthesize information, produce critical and creative works in an efficient effective and ethical manner. 

 All students at the Clark Elementary Library are expected to follow the PAWS way:

·         Practice Respect by reading silently while waiting.

·         Act responsibly by taking care of books and returning them when one is finished reading.

·         Work smarter by reading to achieve through Accelerated Reader personal goals. Use shelf markers and place books in their proper location.

·         Stay safe by asking for assistance if books are out of reach, and keep hands, feet, and objects to oneself.

Kinder Reading Award

  • Each Kinder student and Mrs. Paredes’ class will receive a Reading Log folder.
  •  Students must record books read on a monthly basis starting on
  • October 1, 2018 and ending May 3, 2019.
  • Students must read 13 books per month.
  • In order for Kinder students to receive a medal at the end of the year, they must read and record on their monthly logs a total of 104 books.
  • The last reading log is due May 3, 2019.

AR Goals

AR starts September 7, 2018 & Ends May 3, 2019

 End of the Year AR awards for 1st – 5th
 1st & 2nd grade AR Goal: 25 pts. Minimum
 3rd , 4th , & 5th grades AR Goal: 50 pts. Minimum
*Students must meet 85% comprehension to receive awards

1st & 2nd grades                    3rd – 5th grades
25 pts. -Bronze Medal         50 pts. -Bronze Medal
50 pts. -Silver Medal            75 pts. -Silver Medal
75 pts. -Gold Medal             100 pts. -Gold Medal
100 pts. -Trophy                   125 pts. -Trophy

Library Nights

Library Night Schedule:

The library will be open from 3:00pm to 5:00pm on the following dates:

  • September: 12 & 19   
  • October: 3 & 24 
  • November: 7 & 28   
  • December: 12
  • January: 16   
  • February: 13   
  • March: 6   
  • April: 3